Historical Hotels - Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich - Germany

Each year I have to go to Germany. I like the country's history, the culture, the food,
the language etc.... This year I will visit Munich and Bavaria.

Old image from Munich
Source picture: Wikipedia.

So, I have chosen a Hotel in Munich for my blogpost Historical Hotel
(It's a beautiful place but I won't stay in this establishment) but
I really wanted to know more about the Hotel Bayerischer Hof.
Its history fascinates me. On next link you can see a picture of the Hotel:

Hotel Bayerischer Hof was opened in 1841 on the wishes of
King Ludwig I of Bavaria.

King Ludwig I of Bavaria
Source picture: Wikipedia

Some facts:

Since 1897, Hotel Bayerischer Hof was owned by the Volkhardt Family.
In 1924 it was the largest hotel of Europe.
In 1969 the Palais Montgelas was added to the hotel.

Palais Montgelas
Source picture: Wikipedia

Now it is on the list of Leading Hotels of the World. 

Travel Hotel Bayerischer Hof Munich Germany

Own picture taken in Munich - May 2014

Notable Guests:

During all those years, Hotel Bayerischer Hof hosted many important Royal
guests like:

Emperor Franz Jozef of Austria and his wife
Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sisi);
Beatrix, former Queen of The Netherlands;
Princess Grace of Monaco;
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden;
Prince Albert of Monaco and many more.

Not only Royalty chosed this hotel. The establishment also hosted some other
important guests like: Paris Hilton; Christian Dior; Karl Lagerfeld; Sigmund Freud;
Cher and many more.

Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich really has some history and it's always nice
to know more what's behind a building...

I wish you all a very happy Weekend!
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