Today in History - March 17th. 1516 - Giuliano de'Medici

Giuliano de'Medici was born on March 12th. 1479 in Florence.

Giuliano de'Medici
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In 1494, The Medici's were driven out of Florence by Republican Forces, 
but they restored their power.

In 1515, Giuliano de'Medici married Filiberta of Savoy. She was the daughter of
Philip II, Duke of Savoy.

Giuliano de'Medici had one illegitimate son called Ippolito de'Medici who became

Ippolito de'Medici
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Giuliano de'Medici died on March 17th. 1516 in Florence. 
He only became 37 years old. He was buried in the Medici Chapel in
Florence. His tomb was ornated with statues (Night & Day) of Michelangelo.

Michelangelo's Night and Day sculptures
@ the tomb of Giuliano de'Medici
Source picture: Wikipedia
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