Today in History - March 18th. 1496 - Mary Tudor, Queen of France

Mary Tudor was born on March 18th. 1496 in Richmond Palace (England).

Mary Tudor - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York.

In 1514, Mary Tudor married King Louis XII of France 
(he already was 52 years old) . He died one year later.

In 1515 she married for the second time. 
Her second husband was Charles Brandon, first Duke of Suffolk.
They had 4 children.

Mary Tudor & Charles Brandon
Source picture: Wikipedia

Mary Tudor always agreed with her brother Henry VIII, but the relations
were strained in the 1520's. She opposed the King's attempt to obtain the
annulment of his marriage with Catherine of Aragon. 
Mary disliked Anne Boleyn.

On June 25th. 1533, Mary died in Westhorpe.
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