Today in History - March 19th. 1823 - Princess Adelgunde of Bavaria

Princess Adelgunde of Bavaria (in German: von Bayern) was born on
March 19th. 1823 in Würtzburg.

Princess Adelgunde of Bavaria
Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were King Ludwig I of Bavaria and 
Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen.

In 1842, Princess Adelgunde married Francis V of Austria-Este.

Francis V of Austria-Este
Source picture: Wikipedia

He became duke of Modena in 1846. 

In 1859 Modena was invaded by armies of France and Piedmont.
Princess Adelgunde and Francis V fled to Austria. They lived in Vienna.

The Modena Palace was occupied by this Couple. 
Now the complex Houses the Federal Ministry for the interior.

In 1860, the Duchy of Modena was incorporated into the new Kingdom of Italy.

In 1876, Francis V of Austria-Este died in Vienna.

On October 28th. 1914, Princess Adelgunde died in Munich. 
The Princess never remarried and was buried in Vienna.
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