Today in History - March 21st. 1063 - Richeza of Lotharingia

Richeza of Lotharingia was born between 995 and 1000.

Richeza of Lotharingia
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Her parents were Ezzo, Count Palatine of Lotharingia and Mathilde
(daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Otto II).

Richeza married Mieszko II Lambert of Poland. Later she became
Queen Consort of Poland. But the reign of Mieszko II was short-lived.
He was taken captive and Richeza fled with the children to her family in

Mieszko II of Poland
Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1034, Mieszko II of Poland died suddenly, he probably was murdered. 

During the years 1040-1047, Richeza lived in Klotten (Moselle Region).

In 1047, her brother Otto II, Duke of Swabia died. 
He was the last male representative of Ezzonen Dynasty.

Richeza donated many possessions to monasteries while she reserved the
lifelong use of the lands and houses.

Richeza died on March 21st. 1063. She was buried in the Church of
St. Maria ad Gradus in Cologne. Later her body was transfered to the
Cologne Cathedral.

Cologne Cathedral Germany
Own pictures of the Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral, Germany

Later Richeza became a saint, her feast day is celebrated on March 21st. 
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