Today in History - March 25th. 1479 - Vasili III of Russia

Vasili III Ivanovich was born on March 25th. 1479.

Vasili III of Russia
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His parents were Ivan III and Sophia Paleologue. 
From 1505 till 1533, Vasili III was Grand Prince of Moscow. 


Grand Prince Vasili III married first Solomonia Saburova but the two couldn't
produce an heir of the throne. Vasili III divorced and later he married a 
Serbian Princess: Elena Glinskaya. In 1530, she gave birth to a son called 
Ivan (later Ivan IV the terrible). In 1532 Yuri was born.


Vasili III was a member of the Rurik Dynasty. They were one of  Europe's
oldest Royal Houses with many cadet branches.

Vasili III died on December 3rd. 1533. 
He was buried in the Cathedral of the Archangel in Moscow (Russia).

Old image of Moscow
Source picture: Wikipedia
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