Today in History - March 7th. 1872 - Piet Mondrian - Dutch Painter

On March 7th. 1872, Piet Mondrian (Mondriaan in Dutch) was born in Amersfoort
(The Netherlands).

Piet Mondrian
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His parents were Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan and Johanna Christina de Kok.
His father teached him to draw.

Piet Mondrian with his brothers and sisters
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1890: a first exposition of Piet Mondrian's work in The Hague.
1892: he received a scholarship from Queen Emma of The Netherlands.
1901: he made a remembrance plate about the wedding of 
Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands and her husband, Prince Henry.

From 1905-1907: he painted a lot of landscapes around Amsterdam.

1911: Mondrian traveled to Paris.
In Paris he changed his name from Mondriaan to Mondrian (it was translated from
Dutch to English or French).

Mondrian Grey Tree
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1915: exposition in Amsterdam.

1917 he started the Dutch magazine 'De Stijl'. 
On next link you'll find more about De Stijl.

1940 Mondrian moved to New York.
There he died on February 1st. 1944.
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