Historical Hotels - Hotel Imperial in Vienna (Austria)

Hotel Imperial is a five-star luxury hotel in Vienna (Austria).
The establishment is located on the Kärntner Ring also called the Ringstrasse.

Old image - Source picture: Wikipedia

Hotel Imperial has a Italian Neo-Renaissance façade. The building was 
designed by Arnold Zenetti and built under the direction of
Heinrich Adam. 

Initially it was planned as the city palace of Duke Philip of Württemberg and
his spouse Duchess Marie Therese (born Archduchess of Austria).

The original name was Palais Württemberg. However they didn't spend much
time in their city palace. They sold the building in 1866. Then it was converted
to a Hotel in 1873.

Own picture taken in Vienna in 2011

In 1873 Emperor Franz-Joseph (husband of Sisi) opened the Hotel.

Since then, Hotel Imperial has hosted many famous guests and Royalty like:
Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom;
Emperor and Empress of Japan.

Museum Quartier also located on the Ringstrasse in Vienna

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