Historical Hotels - Villa Politi in Siracusa - Sicily (Italy)

Villa Politi was founded in 1862 under the chique name: Grand Hotel Villa Politi.

It was created by an Austrian woman called Maria Theresa Laudien who fell in
love with Salvatore Politi from Siracusa in Sicily (Italy).

The hotel hosted many important guests like King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy
and Sir Winston Churchill with his wife Lady Clementine. 

Villa Politi is located near Siracusa. This is a beautiful, historic city in Sicily (Italy).
Siracusa became famous for its amphitheatres and architecture.

Siracusa - Greek Theatre - taken with a disposable camera

Nowadays Siracusa is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

On this link, you can see a beautiful Youtube Movie of the hotel. 
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