Today in History - April 12th. 1550 - Claude, Duke of Guise

Claude de Laurraine (later Duke of Guise) was born on October 20th. 1496
in the Château de Condé-sur-Moselle.

His parents were René II, Duke of Lorraine and Philippa of Guelders.
Claude de Laurraine was educated at the French Court of King Francis I.

He married Antoinette de Bourbon, daughter of François, Court of Vendôme.
They were inter alia the grandparents of Mary of Guise (who became later
the Queen of Scots).

In 1528, Claude became the first Duke of Guise.

Claude de Laurraine, Duke of Guise died on April 12th. 1550 in the
Château de Joinville.

Source picture: Wikipedia
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