Today in History - April 13th. 1573 - Christina of Holstein-Gottorp, Queen Consort of Sweden

Christina of Holstein-Gottorp was born on April 13th. 1573 in Kiel (Germany).

Christina of Holstein-Gottorp
Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Adolf, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp and Christine of Hesse.

On July 8th. 1592, she married Charles, Duke of Södermanland.
In 1604 he became King of Sweden.
The Royals were crowned in 1607 in the Uppsala Cathedral.

Queen Christina sometimes was described as domineering and strong-willed.
She was both respected and feared. Some people called her hard, stubborn 
and stingy.

In 1611, Charles died and she became regent during the minority of her son
Gustav II Adolf of Sweden.

Christina died on December 8th. 1625 in Gripsholm Castle.

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