Today in History - April 28th. 1652 - Magdalena Sibylla of Hesse-Darmstadt

Magdalena Sibylla of Hesse-Darmstadt was born on April 28th. 1652 in
Darmstadt (Germany).

Magdalena Sibylla of Hesse-Darmstadt - Source picture: Wikipedia

She was the daughter of Louis VI, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt and 
Duchess Maria Elisabeth of Holstein-Gottorp.

As a child, Magdalena Sibylla lost her mother and she came into care of her
aunt the Queen Dowager Hedvig Eleonora of Sweden.

On November 6th. 1673 she married William Louis, Duke of Württemberg.
They had 4 children.

6 months after the wedding her husband inherited the throne of Württemberg.
In 1677 he died from an heart attack. Magdalena Sibylla became regent for her
minor son who took the throne in 1693.

She took care of all her decisions and she enjoyed a great popularity. 
Magdalena Sibylla also wrote some hymns, a few became a part of the
Protestant hymnals.

Magdalena Sibylla died on August 11th. 1712 in Kirchheim Castle.  

Kirchheim Castle - Source picture: Wikipedia

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