Today in History - April 29th. 1688 - Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg

Frederick William (in German: Friedrich Wilhelm) was born on February 16th. 1620
in Stadtschloss Berlin (Germany). He was a member of the House of Hohenzollern.

Frederick william berlin
Statue of Frederick William - Berlin - Own Picture

His parents were Georg William, Elector of Brandenburg and 
Elisabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate.

On December 7th. 1646 he married Luise Henriette of Nassau in The Hague.
(She was the daughter of Frederick Henry of Orange-Nassau and 
Amalia of Solms- Braunfelds).They had 6 children. She died in 1667.

Luise Henriette of Nassau - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1668 Frederick William remarried 
Sophie Dorothea of Schleswig Holstein-Sonderberg-Glücksburg
They had 7 children.

Sophie Dorothea of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderberg-Glücksburg
Source picture: Wikipedia

Military Career

Frederick William was a famous military commander. His standing army would
become later a model for the Prussian Army.

He died on April 29th. 1688 in the Stadtschloss of Potsdam. 

Stadtschloss of Potsdam
Source picture: Wikipedia

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