Today in History - April 8th. 1735 - Francis II Rákóczi - Hungary

Francis II Rákóczi was born on March 27th. 1676 in Borsi (now Slovakia).

His parents were Francis I Rákóczi and Ilona Zrinyi.

In 1694 he married Princess Amalia, a daughter of 
Charles, Landgrave of Hesse-Wanfried. 

In 1700 he was arrested and taken captive in Wiener Neustadt.
Francis II Rákóczi could escape with his wife to Poland.

In 1703 he started the uprising against the Habsburgs.
This plan failed.

Francis II Rákóczi died on April 8th. 1735 in the Ottoman Empire.


Francis II Rákóczi became an Hungarian National Hero whose memory
still lives on.

There are a lot of memorials to honor him inter alia in Budapest.
Many streets and even cities are called after him.

His portrait is even on an 500-Forint (Hungarian) note.

Source pictures: Wikipedia
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