Today in History - May 10th. 1788 - Catherine Pavlovna of Russia

Grand Duchess Catherine Pavlovna was born on May 10th. 1788 at the
Tsarskoye Selo in Saint Petersburg (Russia).

Catherine Pavlovna of Russia - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Paul I of Russia & Sophie Dorothea of Württemberg.

Catherine had a happy childhood and her mother supervised her carefully.
She also recieved the best education. Catherine was very close with her brother
Tsar Alexander I of Russia.

On August 3rd. 1809, Catherine married her first cousin Duke Georg of Oldenburg.
Although the marriage was arranged, Catherine stayed devoted to her husband. She
was saddened when he died in 1812.

During a visit in England, Catherine fell in love to 
Crown Prince William of Württemberg. 
However he was married with Princess Charlotte of Bavaria. 
He took the drastic step to divorce her.

In 1816, William married Catherine in Saint Petersburg. When her husband
became a King, she became Queen Consort. Catherine's youngest daughter,
Sophie Friederike Mathilde of Württemberg, later married 
King William III of The Netherlands. 

Catherine died on January 9th. 1819 in Stuttgart (then located in the Kingdom
of Württemberg, now located in Germany).

Catherina Pavlovna of Russia - Source picture: Wikipedia

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