Today in History - May 18th. 1474 - Isabella d'Este - An important woman of Italian Renaissance

Isabella d'Este was born on May 18th. 1474 in Ferrara (Italy).

Isabella d'Este - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Ercole I d'Este and Eleanor of Naples.
As a young girl she met famous humanist scholars and artists.

On February 11th. 1490 Isabella d'Este married Francesco Gonzaga.
They had 8 children.

Isabella d'Este was engaged in cultural pursuits. She read books, letters
and played lute.

She was an important patron of music, collected art and sponsored
philosophers, poets and painters such as Titian, Raphael and
Leonardo da Vinci.

Isabella d'Este - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1500 Isabella met the French King Louis XII. He was impressed
by her alluring personality and keen intelligence. 

Isabella died on February 13th. 1539 in Mantua (Italy).
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