Today in History - May 19th. 1771 - Rahel Varnhagen

Rahel Varnhagen was born on May 19th. 1771 in Berlin. Her family were
Jewish wealthy jewelers.

Rahel Varnhagen - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1814 she married the biographer Karl August Varnhagen von Ense. This
made her the sister-in-law of the poet Rosa Maria Assing.

During that time her husband fought in the Austrian army against the French.
The couple moved to Vienna. Their house became a meeting-place for the
Prussian diplomates @ the Congress of Vienna.

In 1819 she lived again in Berlin. Although Rahel never wrote any book, her
six thousand letters survived. She published a few of her essays in several

On March 7th. 1833 she died in Berlin. 


The asteroid 100029 Varnhagen is named in her honour.
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