Today in History - May 23rd. 1644 - Sculptor Gabriël Grupello

Gabriël Grupello was born on May 23rd. 1644 in Geraardsbergen (now located in
the Province East-Flanders in Belgium).

Gabriël Grupello - Source picture: Wikipedia

He was the son of Bernardo Rupelli, an Italian cavalry in Spanish Service,
and his Flemish wife Cornelia Delinck. His father, who died young, was a
member of the higher non-aristocratic class of society. 

When Gabriël Grupello was 14 years old, he started a 5-years training 
in the Antwerp workshop of the Baroque sculptor Artus Quellinus I.
He may have assisted Quellinus on his decorations for the
Royal Palace in Amsterdam. After his 5-years training in Antwerp he
continued studying in Paris and Versailles. After his training he worked
a while in The Hague. 

In 1671 he returned to Flanders and 2 years later Gabriël became a
master of the Brussels Guild. He enjoyed the patronage of the city
as well as that of various European rulers like:
King Charles II of Spain, William II, Prince of Orange and
Frederick III, Elector of Brandenburg.

In 1695 Elector Johann Wilhelm appointed him as official court sculptor.
Gabriel moved to Düsseldorf (now located in Germany) and made many
sculptures of the Royal Couple.

In 1698 he married Anna Maria Dautzenberg, daughter of the Elector's lawyer.
Five children were born. Gabriel recieved from the Elector a house in the
center. This is now called the Grupello-House.

In 1716, with the death of the Elector, Gabriel's work ended.

In 1719, he was appointed as Imperial Sculptor by
Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor.

In 1725 Gabriel moved into quarters of the Ehrenstein Castle in Kerkrade
(The Netherlands). There he died on June 20th. 1730.
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