Today in History - May 31st. 1557 - Feodor I of Russia

Feodor Ivanovich was born on May 31st. 1557 in Moscow.

Feodor I of Russia - Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were Ivan IV (The Terrible) and Anastasia Romanovna.

On May 31st. 1584 he was crowned as Tsar of All Russia. 
Feodor was unhealthy and by some reports, intellectually disabled. He was only
the nominal ruler. Feodor handed over his duties to his wife's brother and 
trusted minister Boris Godunov.

Feodor was the last Rurikid Tsar of Russia.
After his childless death (January 15th. or 16th. 1598) the 
Times of Troubles began in Russia.

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