Today in History - May 6th. 1769 - Ferdinand III, Grand Duke of Tuscany

Ferdinand III (In Italian: Ferdinando Guiseppe Giovanni Baptista) was born
on May 6th. 1769 in Tuscany (now Italy).

Ferdinand III - Grand Duke of Tuscany - Source picture: Wikipedia

Personal life:

He was the second son of Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor and 
Maria Luisa of Spain.

On August 15th. 1790, Ferdinand married Princess Luisa of Naples and Sicily.
She died in 1802. 

Maria Luisa of Tuscany - Source picture: Wikipedia

On May 6th. 1821 he married Princess Maria Ferdinanda of Saxony.

Princess Maria Ferdinanda of Saxony
Source picture: Wikipedia

Ferdinand died on June 18th. 1824. 
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