Today in History - May 7th. 1767 - Princess Frederica Charlotte of Prussia

Charlottenburg Palace - Berlin - Own picture

Princess Frederica Charlotte of Prussia was born on May 7th. 1767 in
Charlottenburg Palace (Berlin).

Princess Frederica Charlotte of Prussia - Source picture: Wikipedia

She was the only child of Frederick William II of Prussia and
Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Lüneburg.

On September 27th. 1791 she married Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany.
Prince Frederick was a son of King George III of the United Kingdom.
At Buckingham Palace there was a second marriage ceremony on
November 23rd. 1791.

She became the Duchess of York and Albany. Their marriage was not a happy one,
although the duchess recieved a warm welcome. After a while the couple separated.
They had no children.

Princess Frederica Charlotte of Prussia, Duchess of York and Albany died at
Outlands Park on August 6th. 1820 in Surrey.

Former Outlands Palace - Surrey - Source picture: Wikipedia 

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