History OnThisDay - May 9th. 1949 - Prince Louis II of Monaco

Louis Honoré Charles Antoine Grimaldi was born on July 12th. 1870 in
Baden-Baden (Germany).

Prince Louis II of Monaco - Source picture: Wikipedia

He was the only child of Prince Albert I of Monaco and Lady Mary Victoria Hamilton.
His mother disliked Monaco and she was unhappy with her husband. Shortly after her
marriage she left the country. Louis II was raised in Germany by his mother and
stepfather. He didn't see his father, Prince Albert I, till the age of 11.

Louis went to France and entered the Saint-Cyr Military Academy.
Later he asked to be posted in the French Foreign Legion in Africa.

In Algeria he met Marie Juliette Louvet, a cabaret singer.
On September 30th. 1898, their illegitimate daughter Charlotte Louise Juliette
was born (in 1911 she was recognized by her father).

On June 27th. 1922, Prince Albert I died in Paris. Louis ascended the throne
as Louis II, Prince of Monaco.

During his reign the Monaco Football Club was formed and there was the first
Grand Prix of Monaco.

Monaco Grand Prix
A part of the Grand Prix in Monaco - own picture taken in 2013

In 1946, Prince Louis married for the first time. 
His wife was Ghislaine Dommanget, a French actress.

Prince Louis II died on May 9th. 1949 @ the Prince's Palace in Monaco.

Monaco Royal Palace Prince Albert
The Prince's Palace in Monaco - own picture taken in 2013

He was succeeded by Prince Rainier III (the child of Charlotte). 
Prince Rainier III was the father of the current ruler of Monaco: Prince Albert II.
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