Royal Residences: The Loo Palace - Apeldoorn - The Netherlands

The Loo Palace was a Residence of members from the House of Nassau from
the 17th. century till the death of Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands in 1962.

The Loo Palace - Own Picture taken in 2014

The Residence was built in Dutch Baroque Style 
and designed by Jacob Roman and Johan van Swieten.

Stadtholder- King William III and Mary II of England were the 
principals to build this beautiful palace. 

On next link you'll find a Today in History about the life 
of King William III and Mary II of England. 

The Loo Palace Entrance - Own picture taken in 2014

I visited the Loo together with my husband and Oscar Meijer creator of the
Dutch blog: De staat van Oranje