Royal Residences: The Loo Palace - Apeldoorn - The Netherlands

The Loo Palace was a Residence of members from the House of Nassau from
the 17th. century till the death of Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands in 1962.

The Loo Palace - Own Picture taken in 2014

The Residence was built in Dutch Baroque Style and designed 
by Jacob Roman and Johan van Swieten.

Stadtholder- King William III and Mary II of England were the 
principals to build this beautiful palace. 

On next link you'll find a Today in History about the life 
of King William III and Mary II of England. 

The Loo Palace Entrance - Own picture taken in 2014

To know more about The Loo Palace in Apeldoorn, check its official site on
this link

In 2018, The Loo Palace will be closed for serious renovation works. This
will last till January 2021. 
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