Historical Hotels - Bilderberg Hotel de Keizerskroon - Apeldoorn - The Netherlands

The Historical Hotel special of this week is about 'Bilderberg Hotel de Keizerskroon'
located in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands).

Hotel Bilderberg Keizerskroon Apeldoorn The Netherlands Travel

Own picture taken in 2014

Palace Het Loo is located next to the hotel. 
Tsar Peter the Great of Russia was one of its first guests. 

I had the opportunity to visit the hotel inside due to several interesting lectures.
And the facilities downstairs seemed more than okay.

Hotel Bilderberg Keizerskroon Apeldoorn The Netherlands Travel
'Keizerskroon' - own picture

In May 2015, Oscar Meijer creator from the Dutch blog 'De Staat van Oranje',
which you can read on this link, stayed in de Keizerskroon. He liked this hotel,
the rooms were very nice and clean and de Keizerskroon had an outstanding
Breakfast. The staff also was very attentive and kind. 

Besides that, many portraits of the ruling Royal House of Orange were 
everywhere. Even now the restaurants receives visits from Princess
Margriet (King's aunt) and her family. 
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