Today in History - June 13th. 1918 - Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia

On December 4th. 1878 Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia was
born in the Anichkov Palace in Saint Petersburg.  His parents were
Tsar Alexander III of Russia and Dagmar of Denmark. That made him the
younger brother of inter alia Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.

Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia - Source picture: Wikipedia

Love & ....

In 1902 Michael met Princess Beatrice of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
The two fell in love and wrote many letters in English. 
The Orthodox Church forbade that two first cousins would marry. 
Tsar Nicholas refused to sign the wedding permit and the romance ended.

Later Michael's affection was directed to Alexandra Kossikovskaya also called 
Dina, who was the lady-in-waiting of his sister Olga. Of course, this relation 
caused a lot of problems too.

Dina was a commoner and members of the Russian Imperial Family should marry
Royalty. Tsar Nicholas forbade him to marry Dina and his mother, the Dowager
Empress took Michael to Denmark for a long periode, while Dina was dismissed
as lady-in-waiting of Olga.

Meanwhile newspapers reported that he would marry
Princess Patricia of Connaugh, but the Grand Duke didn't know her very well
to ask her as his bride, still the relation between Michael and Dina was over.

In December 1907, Michael was introduced to Natalia Sergeyevna Wulfurt
a wife of a fellow officer. They began a deep friendship, 
but Natalia was a commonor too and had already a child of her first marriage. 

To prevent a new scandal, Tsar Nicholas II transfered his younger brother
250 miles away from Moscow. 

Grand Duke Michael, his wife and his son - Source picture: Wikipedia

Michael wanted to see Natalia and the 250 miles couldn't divide the lovebirds.
He traveled several times a month back to Moscow. Meanwhile they had a child
together, which was called George, after Michael's dead brother. 

Tsar Nicholas II issued a decree that the boy was given the surname Brasov 
taken from Michael's estate at Brasovo. 
With this document the Tsar recognized George as Michael's son.

Later Michael moved with Natalia to Moscow where she was shunned by
society. Finally, on October 16th. 1912, the two married in Vienna.
Tsar Nicholas and his mother were horrified when they noticed Michael's action.
The family was banished from Russia

Upon the outbreak of World War I, Tsar Nicholas gave Michael the permission
to come back and serve in the Russian army. 

Timeline 1917

March 15th.:  Tsar Nicholas abdicated from the throne in favour of Michael but
he refused to accept the throne until ratified by the will of the people.

April 5th. : Michael was discharged from military service.

August 21st.: Michael and his family were surrounded by guards, they had 
house arrest.

September 1st.: Russia was declared as a Republic. 


Michael was taken captive in March 1918. On June 12th. 1918 he was 
murdered in Perm....
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