Today in History - June 15th. 1888 - Frederick III of Prussia

Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl Hohenzolleren was born on October 18th. 1831
in the Neues Palace in Potsdam (Germany).

Neues Palace - Own picture

His parents were German Emperor, William I and Augusta of Saxe-Weimar.
In the Family Frederick was known as Fritz.

Frederick III of Prussia (as Crown Prince) - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1851 Frederick was sent to England to see the Great exhibition. In fact
his mother hoped that the German Prince would met Victoria, Princess Royal,
the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Prince Albert.
Indeed, Princess Victoria, who was then only 11 years old, guided the 
German Crown Prince. Later the two exchanged a lot of letters.

In April 1856, the engagement of the Royals was announced and their
marriage took place on January 25th. 1858 in the St.James's chapel in London.

Although it was an arranged marriage, the two were compatible from the start
and their marriage was a loving one. They had 8 children.

On March 9th. 1888, Frederick became German emperor.
Frederick had liberal ideas, and was strongly influenced by his wife, which
caused some difficulties in a rather conservative Prussia.

Frederick died on June 15th. 1888 after an illness (he had cancer).
He was succeeded by his son Wilhelm II (who should be the last German Emperor...).
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