Today in History - June 17th. 1781 - Francisco Espoz y Mina, a Guerrilla leader and General of Spain

June 17th. 1781 marks the birth of Francisco Espoz Ilundáin
(better known as Francisco Espoz y Mina).

Francisco Espoz y Mina - Source picture: Wikipedia

Francisco worked on a small family farm until 1808. In that year, Napoleon
invaded Spain and conquered the country. Francisco was listed in the guerrilla
army of his nephew Francisco Javier Mina. 

In 1810 Javier was taken captive by the French and Francisco became the new 
leader of the group. 

In 1813 - 1814 Mina served with distinction under the Duke of Wellington.

Francisco Espoz y Mina received several promotions. He was very liberal
and disliked the 'hidalgos' (nobles).

After the restauration of  Ferdinand VII, Francisco Espoz y Mina
was no longer the favorite of the Spanish King, he escaped to England.

In 1835 he was recalled by Christina, who was then regent of Spain.
Francisco took the command against the Carlists but he became older and
several exposures of wounds undermined his health. 
He died on December 24th. 1836 in Barcelona. 


In 1825 a book was issued about his life, written in English and Spanish.
Plaza de Mina in Cadiz was called after him.
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