Today in History - June 21st. 1528 - Maria of Austria, Holy Roman Empress

Archduchess Maria of Austria's birth took place on June 21st. 1528 in Madrid (Spain).
Her parents were Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and Isabella of Portugal.

Maria of Austria - Source picture: Wikipedia
The original painting is located in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna

On September 15th. 1548 she married her first cousin then Archduke Maximilian.
The couple had 16 children during their 28-year marriage.

While her father had problems with several foreign affairs, Maria and Maximilian 
acted as regents of Spain (1551-1552). Later they moved to the court in Vienna. 
In 1564 her husband became Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor.

Maria returned to Spain in 1582 (her husband was then already dead for a while).
She moved to the Convent of las Descalzas Reales in Madrid. There Maria died on 
February 26th. 1603.
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