Today in History - June 7th. 1840 - Carlota of Mexico

Carlota of Mexico was born on June 7th. 1840 in Belgium as the only daughter of
King Leopold I of Belgium and his second wife Louise of Orléans. She had 3 brothers:
Louis Philippe (who died in infancy), Leopold (who became King Leopold II) and
Philippe, Count of Flanders.

Carlota - Source picture: Wikipedia

When Charlotte was then years old, her mother died in Ostend of turberculosis.
The princess grew up by a close family friend the Countess of Hulste.

On July 27th. 1857 she married in Brussels her second cousin 
Archduke Maximilian of Austria (younger brother of Emperor Franz Josef).

Princess Charlotte and her husband - Source picture: Wikipedia

She disliked her sister-in-law Empress Elisabeth (Sisi). 
Princess Charlotte was prized by her mother-in-law, Archduchess Sophie 

Later the couple moved to Italy, where Maximilian was governor of the
provinces Lombardy and Venetia.

In 1859, Franz Josef relieved his brother of his duties and the couple settled
in the Miramar Castle near Trieste (Italy).

In the early 1860's Maxiamilian was asked to accept the crown of Mexico
at the instance of Napoleon III of France. The couple moved to Mexico City
in the Chapultepec Castle. Charlotte chose the name Carlota (Spanish version).

The situation in Mexico stayed difficult and in 1866 Charlotte traveled to
Europe to find some support. On June 19th. 1867, Maximilian I was executed.
Charlotte became paranoia and collapsed emotionally. Her mental health stayed
poor. She spent the rest of her life in seclusion. First Charlotte lived in Miramar
Castle and later she moved to the Castle of Bouchout in Meise (Belgium).

Charlotte stayed the sister-in-law of Emperor Franz Josef, this caused huge
trouble for the Belgian King Albert I during World War I.

The tragic life of Princess Charlotte ended by her death on January 19th. 1927.
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