Today in History - July 10th. 1867 - Prince Maximilian of Baden

Maximilian Alexander Friedrich Wilhelm, Prince of Baden was born on
July 10th. 1867 in the spa town Baden-Baden (located in southwestern

His parents were Prince Wilhelm Max of Baden and
Princess Maria Maximilianovna of Leuchtenberg
(granddaughter of Eugène de Beauharnais and niece of
Tsar Alexander II of Russia).

Prince Maximilian studied at the Gymnasium secondary school and he
followed law and cameralism (science of Administration) at the
Leipzig University.

After finishing his studies he trained as an officer in the Prussian Army.

Prince Maximilian of Baden and his family- 
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On July 10th. 1900, Prince Maximilian married Princess Marie Louise of
Hanover in Gmunden. The couple had one daughter and one son.

Upon the outbreak of World War I, Prince Maximilian served as general
staff in the German Army. However, shortly afterwards he retired from
his position as he was dissatisfied with his role in the army and he
suffered with his health.

In October 1914 he became honorary President of the German Red Cross.
He saved several prisoners-of-wars in which he used his family connections
to the Russian and Swedish Courts.

His activities and his easy-going character gave him the reputation as a person
who kept distance from extremes of nationalism.

When the first World War was coming to an end in October 1918, Berlin
hastily sought a suitable peace negotiator that the sympathy of the
American President Woodrow Wilson could win. Prince Maximilan seemed
to be the perfect candidate.

Prince Maximilian ended the U-boat wars on October 26th. 1914. When the
revolution broke out in Germany, Maximilian tried to convince Emperor
Wilhelm II to abdicate in order to save the monarchy. The Emperor refused.
On November 9th. 1918, Germany was proclaimed as republic.

After the revolution, Prince Maximilian spent the rest of his life in retirement.
In 1920 he established, together with educator Kurt Hahn, the
School of Salem Castle, which is one of the most elite boarding schools
of Europe.
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