Today in History - July 16th. 1611 - Cecilia Renata of Austria, Queen Consort of Poland

Members of the House of Habsburg always are a welcome subject for my
Today in History.

On July 16th. 1611, Cecilia Renata of Austria was born in Graz as a
daughter of Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor and Maria of Bavaria.

Cecilia Renata of Austria - official portrait located in Warsaw 
Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1637 she married King Wladyslaw IV of Poland and on September 12th.
the same year, Cecilia Renata was crowned @ the St. John's Cathedral in 

She became a very popular queen, especially known for her politeness.
Cecilia Renata kept contact with her brothers and became friends with her

During her marriage she became pregnant for 3 times but all the children
died very young. Cecilia Renata also died a day after when she gave birth 
to her last child (March 24th. 1644).

She was mourned by Wladyslaw and left a good impression by the public.

Cecilia Renata of Austria - Source picture: Wikipedia
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