Today in History - July 22nd. 1510 - Alessandro de' Medici

de' Medici's always were an important, but interesting family who ruled in Florence (Italy).

On July 22nd. 1510 a boy was born, he received the name: Alessandro.

Alessandro de' Medici - Source picture: Wikipedia

There were a lot of speculations about his birth. 

Many people believed that he was the son of Giulio de' Medici 
(later pope Clement VII) .

Other people believed that he was the son of a servant from African
descent who was working at the de' Medici household.
His nickname became 'il Moro' or 'The Moor'.

But he was recognized by Lorenzo de' Medici (grandson of Lorenzo the

In 1532 Alessandro became Duke of Florence. His many enemies declared
that his rule was corrupt and incompetent. Later this was discussed by

In 1536, Alessandro married Margaret of Austria (natural daughter of 
Emperor Charles V) but the Duke of Florence stayed faithful to 
one mistress: Taddea Malaspina. 

On January 6th. 1537 Alessandro was murdered by his cousin
Lorenzino (nicknamed the bad Lorenzo). Alessandro only became 26
years old.
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