Today in History - July 23rd. 1802 - María Cayetana de Silva, 13th. Duchess of Alba

When Maria Cayetana de Silva married in 1776 José Maria Alvarez de Toledo y
Gonzaga, she became the 13th. Duchess of Alba. The two also were the wealthiest
couple of Spain.

13th. Duchess of Alba - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1776 her husband died. There were rumors that the Duchess had a
relationship with the famous painter Francisco Goya. He accompanied
the widowed Duchess many times and made several paintings of her.

On July 23rd. 1802, the Duchess of Alba died under mysterious 
circumstances. A lot of speculations came although it was proven that
she died of tuberculosis and fever. But a strong theory that she was 
poisoned remained. This was dramatized in the film: The Naked Maja
with Ava Gardner as the Duchess. 
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