Today in History - July 29th. 1900 - Umberto I of Italy

On March 14th. 1844 a boy was born in Turin (Sardinia). He was called Umberto.

Umberto I of Italy - Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were Victor Emmanuel II and Archduchess Adelaide of Austria.
Umberto's education was entrusted to some very wise men.

In 1858 Umberto entered the army en he became a captain. He took part during
the wars of the Italian independence and distinguished himself therefor the
prince received a medal.

On April 21st. 1868 Umberto married his first cousin Margherita of Savoy.
They had 1 son together.

On January 9th. 1878 Umberto adopted the name 'King of Italy'. He accepted
the conditions of the constitution. Umberto visited often Vienna and Berlin. 

On July 29th. 1900 Umberto was assassinated by Gaetano Bresci in Monza.
The King was buried in the Pantheon in Rome. 
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