Today in History - July 30th. 1872 - Princess Clémentine of Belgium

On July 30th. 1872 a girl was born in the Palace in Laeken
(near Brussels in Belgium). She was called Princess Clémentine.

Her parents, King Leopold II, and Queen Consort
Marie Henriette of Austria had hoped that this child was a boy,
so they really were disappointed and initially they didn't care about her.

Princess Clémentine of Belgium - Source picture: Wikipedia

The young princess had strong family ties. She was a second cousin of 
Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and a sister-in-law of Rudolf, 
Crown Prince of Austria, as well.

As princess in Laeken she had a tragic childhood because her mother
was very difficult. 

When Queen Marie Henriette died in 1902, Princess Clémentine became
First Lady of the country. She accompanied her father very often to 
events in Belgium and in Europe.

Then Princess Clémentine fell in love with Victor, 
Prince Napoléon. She askedher father his permission to marry but the King 
rejected her question. After the death of King Leopold II in 1909, 
Princess Clémentine, finally was free. She could marry her prince in 1910. 
They had 2 children together.
The couple had connections to many European courts like:

- House of Bonaparte,
- House of Windsor,
- House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha,
- House of Habsburg,
- House of Hohenzolleren,
- House of Savoy.

When World War I broke out, family ties were severely tested.

Princess Clémentine died on March 8th. 1955 in Nice France.
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