Today in History - August 11th. 1706 - Princess Marie Auguste of Thurn und Taxis - a woman with a strong personality

Princess Marie Auguste Anna of Thurn und Taxis was born on August 11th. 1706
in Frankfurt am Main.

Princess Marie Auguste Anna of Thurn und Taxis - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Anselm Franz, 2nd. Prince of Thurn und Taxis and
Maria Ludovika Anna Franziska, Princess of Lobkowicz.

Her marriage became an important and diplomatic topic. Finally she
was chosen as bride for Charles Alexander, Duke of Württemberg.
Princess Marie Auguste of Thurn und Taxis became Duchess of Württemberg.
They had 4 children, who survived childhood. 
Their marriage was turbulent and would be great for a novel. 
Initially they fell in love with each other (they where
both masters of intrigue). Later Charles Alexander used often a trusted
servant to spy his wife! 

On March 12th. 1737 Charles Alexander, Duke of Württemberg died
suddenly. Marie Auguste became regent for her son Karl Eugen.

In 1739 there were rumors that the Duchess of Württemberg had an 
affair with a captain in the army and the privy council started an 
investigation. The captain was discharged and she was forced to
stay in Brussels (now capital of Belgium) for five months in 1740. 
This removed her from direct power, although she arranged the
military careers of her two eldest sons. 

She was known for her strong personality (something
quite exceptional). The Princess was praised for her beauty. Her
wardrobe contained 228! dresses and the most expensive costed
500 florins which was 30 times more than a servant's year income.

Although Princess Marie Auguste Anna sometimes was portrayed
as an intellectual lightweight, she owed a large library that contained
the latest novels, plays and philosophy. She also maintained a 
correspondence with Voltaire.

This exceptional lady died on February 1st. 1756 at the age of 
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