Today in History - August 12th. 1872 - Princess Marie Louise of Schleswig-Holstein

At Cumberland Lodge in Great Windsor Park a girl was born on August 12th. 1872.
She was called Princess Marie Louise of Schleswig-Holstein.

Princess Marie Louise of Schleswig - Holstein - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein and Princess
Helena of the United Kingdom. Princess Marie Louise was a granddaughter
of Queen Victoria. She also had important godparents: Emperor Franz Joseph I
of Austria and the Queen of Hanover.

Of course with such an important family tree it was a big issue to find a proper
partner. The lucky one became Prince Aribert of Anhalt. He was the son of
Frederick I, Duke of Anhalt and Princess Antoinette of Saxe-Altenburg. 

However the couple didn't like each other and the marriage turned out very
unhappy and childless. In 1900 Prince Aribert of Anhalt (and his father)
asked to annul the marriage.

After the annulment, Princess Marie Louise devoted herself to charitable organisations
and as patron of arts. She inspired the creation of the Queen Mary's dolls house to
show the work of the British craftsmen. She also was active in the work of the 
Princess Christian Nursing Home at Windsor.

In 1956 Princess Marie Louise published her memoirs in the book:
My memories of Six reigns. 

She died in her London Home on December 8th. 1956. The Princess was buried
at the Royal Burial Ground in Frogmore at the Windsor Great Park.
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