Today in History - August 15th. 1455 - George, Duke of Bavaria

George of Bavaria (nicknamed The Rich) was born on August 15th. 1455
in Landshut, a beautiful place in Bavaria (south east Germany).

George of Bavaria - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1475 he married Princess Hedwig Jagiellon, daughter of King Casimir IV
of Poland. This fantastic event was celebrated in the Landshut wedding.

The Landshut wedding is re-enacted in the place Landshut
with medieval processions. On next link you can find more information.  

The couple had 5 children, two sons and three daughters. Unfortunately
none of their sons survived childhood. George, Duke of Bavaria tried to
appoint his eldest daughter Elisabeth as his successor but the Salic Law
made this impossible.

George died on December 1st. 1503. After his death a war of succession
broke out. Finally the Duchy went to Albert IV of Bavaria, which united
the several Duchies of Bavaria.
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