Today in History - August 18th. 1606 - Maria Anna of Spain

Infanta Maria Anna of Spain was born on August 18th. 1606 in El Escorial near

Maria Anna of Spain - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were King Philip III of Spain and Margaret of Austria.

With such a genealogy the search of a proper wedding partner started early.
On February 20th. 1631, Maria Anna of Spain married her first cousin,
Ferdinand III, the future Holy Roman Emperor and King of Hungary.
The festivities around the wedding lasted a month!

Although it was an arranged marriage, the history books described it as
friendly. Maria Anna became happy in her new home country Austria.
The same history books mentioned her as: tempered and intelligent.
Sometimes she even acted as advisor for her spouse. They had 6 children.

In 1646 the Royal Family moved to Linz because of the Thirty Year's War.
There Maria Anna was poisoned while she was pregnant of a child. She died
on May 13th. 1646 only 39 years old.

The child, also a Maria, was still alive but died soon after. Mother and daughter 
were buried in the same coffin. 

Maria Anna of Spain with her eldest son - Source picture: Wikipedia
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