Today in History - August 23rd. 1836 - Marie Henriette of Austria, Queen Consort of Belgium

On my blog I regularly write about the very interesting (Royal) history of my
own country: Belgium.

August 23rd 1836 marks the birth of Marie Henriette of Austria in Budapest

Marie Henriette of Austria - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Archduke Joseph of Austria, Palatine of Hungary and
Duchess Maria Dorothea of Württemberg. 

Her paternal grandfather was Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor and she was
a niece from Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria (husband of Sisi).

On August 22nd. 1853, at the age of 16!, she married Prince Leopold, heir of
the Belgian throne. This wedding strengthened the status of the Belgian 
monarchy, the name Habsburg was an important match. 

They had 4 children, unfortunately the eldest boy died young. 
The marriage really was unhappy and the couple lived more or less seperated.

In 1865 she became Queen Consort of Belgium, but Marie Henriette of Austria 
lived most of the time in Spa and her youngest daughter Clementine acted as
first lady of the country.

In Spa Marie Henriette of Austria, Queen Consort of Belgium, could live on her
own. There she was interested in Hungarian horses.

The second Queen Consort of Belgium died on September 19th. 1902 in 
Spa. She was buried in the Royal Crypt at the Church of Our Lady in Laeken
near Brussels.

Recently I visited Spa to see some beautiful buildings and gardens which
where built during the time that Queen Marie Henriette lived there.

Casino Spa Belgium Travel History

Casino of Spa - outside view - own picture


Two famous drinking waters from Spa are called in honor of 
Queen Marie Henriette:
Spa Marie Henriette and Spa Reine (French word for Queen)
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