Today in History - August 25th. 1830 - Start of the Revolution in Belgium

In my post of July 20th. 2013, I already told about the Belgian Revolution in
1830 and the causes (see link).

picture: Wikipedia

On August 25th. 1830 a performance of the opera, The Mute Girl of Portici, 
took place at the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels.
The opera evoked sentimental and nationalist feelings.
On this link you can listen to a piece of the opera.

Theatre la monnaie in brussels belgium history travel
Théàtre de la Monnaie in Brussels

From 1815-1830 Belgium was a part of the United Kingdom of The Netherlands 
with William (Willem in Dutch) I as King. 

After the opera riots broke out in Brussels. This marked the start of the
Belgian Revolution.

Only in 1831 Belgium had a new King: Leopold I of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
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