Today in History - August 26th. 1826 - Princess Alexandra of Bavaria

On August 26th. 1826 a new member of the House of Wittelsbach was born.
She received the name Princess Alexandra Amalie of Bavaria.

Princess Alexandra of Bavaria - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were King Ludwig I of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen.

Princess Alexandra was inter alia the sister of King Maximilian II of Bavaria and
King Otto of Greece.

As daughter of a reigning King the marriage of Princess Alexandra of Bavaria was not 
only a love match but a political case. Prince Louis Lucien Bonaparte asked her hand
but the King refused because he was divorced, officially due to Princess Alexandra's
delicate health.

The princess never married and she was appointed abbess of the Royal Chapter for 
ladies of Saint Anne in Munich and Würtzburg. This convent only accepted noble
ladies. In 1852 Princess Alexandra started a literary career and she wrote several 

Although she wrote books the young girl had a poor mental health. She
suffered a number of psychological eccentricities like a fixation with cleanliness.
Alexandra wanted to wear only white dresses. 

The Princess died on September 21st. 1875 in Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich.
There she was buried in the Theatinerkirche. 

Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich - Source picture: Wikipedia

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