Today in History - August 27th. 1968 - Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark

December 13th. 1906 marked the birth of a young royal girl in Athens (Greece).
The name of the young girl was: Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark.

Princess Marina and her sisters - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Prince Nicolas of Greece and Denmark and Grand Duchess
Elena Vladimirovna of Russia (granddaughter of Tsar Alexander II).

Near the end of 1906 Princess Marina was baptised and she received a lot of
godparents inter alia:

- King of Greece (her paternal grandfather);
- King of the United Kingdom (her great uncle);
- Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark (father of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh);
- Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich of Russia (her maternal uncle)....

In 1932 Princess Marina met her future husband Prince George, Duke of Kent.
On November 29th. 1934 the two married at Westminster Abbey in London.
That wedding was followed by a Greek ceremony in the private chapel at
Buckingham Palace. Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark became the
Duchess of Kent.

Princess Marina on her Wedding Day - Source picture: Wikipedia

The couple had 3 children. Unfortunately on August 25th. 1942 the Duke of Kent
was killed by an Airplane Crash (while he was on duty with the Royal Air Force).

After the death of her husband the Duchess of Kent continued to fulfill her 
Royal Duties. 

On August 27th. 1968, the Duchess of Kent died at Kensington Palace. She was
buried in the Royal Burial Ground in Frogmore. 
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