Today in History - September 10th. 1419 - John the Fearless

John the Fearless (in Dutch: Jan zonder Vrees) was born on May 28th. 1371
in Dijon (France).

Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were Philip the Bold and Margaret III, Countess of Flanders.

His marriage was a political strategy. In 1385 he married Margaret of Bavaria 
while his sister, also a Margaret (of Burgundy), 'chose' Albrecht of Bavaria,
Count of Holland as her husband.

John the Fearless had 7 children together with his wife but he also had some
illegitimate children.

During his life there were a lot of political issues. In France there was a conflict
with Louis of Orléans. 

He died on September 10th. 1419 in Monterau (France).
John the Fearless was succeeded by Philip the Good, who formed an alliance with
the English.