Today in History - September 11th. 1525 - John George, Elector of Brandenburg

On September 11th. 1525, John George of Brandenburg was born in Cöllin
(near Berlin, Germany).

John George - Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were Joachim II Hector, Elector of Brandenburg and Magdalena of

John George married up to 3 times:

1/ Princess Sophie of Legnica (1525-1546) they had 1 child together:
Joachim Frederick.

2/ Margravine Sabina of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1529-1575) with whom he
had 10 children.

3/ Princess Elisabeth of Anhalt Zerbst (1563- 1607), whith whom he had
11 children.

In 1571 John George became elector of Brandenburg.
Due to his savings politics, John George received the nickname: Oeconomics
(The Economical).

John George, Elector of Brandenburg died on January 8th. 1598.
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