Today in History - September 25th. 1506 - Mysterious death of Philip I of Castile

Philip I of Castile also known as the Handsome was born on
July 22nd. 1478 in Bruges (now located in Belgium).

source picture: Wikipedia

He was the son of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and Mary,
Duchess of Burgundy. Philip was named after his grandfather, Philip the Good.

His mother died when he was 4 and Philip became heir but his father
was regent. The boy was raised by his aunt Margaret of York in Mechlin
(now also located in Belgium).

On October 20th.  1496 he married Joanna of Castile (the mad) in Lier.
Due to this marriage and several inheritances of Johanna, Philip
would became the ruler of The Netherlands, Austria and Spain.

In 1506 he moved to Spain. There he died on September 25th. suddenly, 
apparently of typhoid fever, although poisoning by his wife
was rumored.

Philip I was buried in Royal Chapel of Granada alongside his parents.
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