Today in History - September 29th. 1766 - Birth of Charlotte of the United Kingdom

Charlotte Augusta Mathilda was born on September 29th. 1766 in
Buckingham Palace (London).

Princess Charlotte with her mother - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were King George III of the United Kingdom and 
Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

Like her brothers and sisters Princess Charlotte was educated by tutors
at Buckingham Palace, Kew Palace and Windsor Castle.

On May 18th. 1797, Princess Charlotte married at the Chapel Royal at
St. James's Palace, Prince Frederick of Württemberg.

In 1800 the French Army occupied Württemberg and the Duke and Duchess
exiled to Vienna. But Napoleon recognized them as King and Queen of
Württemberg and the two came back. This made them an enemy of 
King George III of the United Kingdom (Charlotte's father) who refused
to call his daughter Queen. 

During the Congress of Vienna, Princess Charlotte and her husband were
officially recognized as King and Queen. But her husband couldn't enjoy
long from his title. He died already in 1816.

Princess Charlotte, dowager Queen of Württemberg, lived there in the
Ludwigsburg Palace, where she regularly received visitors. She died on
October 5th. 1828. 

Princess Charlotte of United Kingdom, Queen of Württemberg, 
Source picture: Wikipedia

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