Today in History - September 4th. 1199 - Joan of England, Queen of Sicily

Joan of England was born in October 1165 as the seventh child of
Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitane.

Joan of England - Source picture: Wikipedia

Joan spent her youth at the Courts of her mother at Winchester and Poitiers.
In 1176, William II of Sicily asked Joan's hand to marry her. After a very
difficult voyage she arrived in Sicily (Italy).

In Palermo Joan married William and she was crowned Queen on
February 13th. 1177. Unfortunately her husband died in 1189. Then she 
was prisoner of the new King, Tancred of Sicily.

In 1190 Joan's brother, King Richard I of England returned from his crusade.
He asked for her return at Tancred but the King of Sicily refused. Finally
Richard I of England attacked the city of Messina and Tancred agreed the
return of Joan. 

In October 1196 Joan married Raymond VII of Toulouse at Rouen (France).
And then something strange happened. Pregnant and married, Joan asked
to be admitted to Fontevrault Abbey. There she died in childbirth on
September 4th. 1199 only 33 years old....
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