Today in History - October 1st. 1685 - Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor

October 1st. 1685 marks the birth of a boy named Charles, who became later
an important man as Holy Roman Emperor, King of Bohemia, King of
Hungary and Croatia, King of Serbia and Archduke of Austria.

Charles VI and his family - Source picture: Wikipedia

Charles was the second son of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, and his wife,
Princess Eleonor Magdalene of Neuburg. His tutor became Anton Florian,
Prince of Liechtenstein.

In 1700 Charles II of Spain died without an heir, so Charles VI declared 
himself as ruler of Spain (they were both members of the House of Habsburg).
However the Treaties of Utrecht and Rastatt declared Philip (grandson of 
King Louis XIV of France) as King of Spain.

Due to this treaties the Netherlands (also Belgium) were ruled since then
by the Austrians until the Congress of Vienna in 1815.

Charles VI married Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel in 1708.
They had 4 children, two of them survived childhood.

Charles VI died on October 20th. 1740 at the age of 55. He was succeeded
by his eldest daughter Maria Theresa.

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