Today in History - October 29th. 1266 - Margaret of Austria, Queen of Bohemia, a pawn on the political chessboard

Around 1204 a young girl was born, who received the name:
Margaret of Austria

Margaret of Austria - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her life began promising because she was the eldest daughter of
Leopold VI, Duke of Austria and Theodora Angelina, a member of the 
Byzantine Imperial family.

But on November 29th. 1225, Margaret (who was then 21 years old) had
to marry the 14-year old Henry, King-elect of Germany. Henry was the 
eldest son of Emperor Frederick II. The wedding took place in Nürnberg.
Her coronation took place on March 23rd. 1227 in Aachen. King Henry
and Queen Margaret had 2 short-lived sons.

In 1235 Henry rebelled against his father, but he was defeated and dethroned.
After that he died possibly on February 12th. 1242 (after a fall from his horse,
which could be a possible attempted suicide). 

Margaret (who didn't saw her husband a lot) moved to Würzburg, 
where she lived in seclusion in the Markuskloster.

On February 11th. 1252, Margaret married Ottokar II of Bohemia.
Margaret was 26 years older than her second husband. They 
became King and Queen of Bohemia on September 23rd. 1253.

Then the troubles started again. At that time, Margaret already was
50 years old and she couldn't bear any children, so King Ottokar II
tried to gain from the Pope the recognition to make his illegitimate
son (which he had with one of Margaret's ladies-in-waiting) as his
lawful successor. The Pope refused this and in 1261 the King 
obtained the annulment of his marriage with Margaret.

Margaret left Bohemia and returned to Austria. She settled her
residence in Krumau am Kamp and spent the winters in Krems.
According to some sources, Margaret died on October 29th. 1266,
although this date is controversial. 

After her death she was buried in the Lilienfeld Abbey next to her
father (like she had wished).  
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